Prayer for the Day

September 9, 2014

Lord Jesus,

I surrender all my desire for vengeance to You.  I remember that I was once Your enemy; yet You died for me!  I pray for my enemies.  Please give me love for my enemies. Even while I was still a sinner, You died for me.  Just as light overcomes darkness, love overcomes hate.  I pray that our love, i.e., Your perfect love, and the love You have placed in my heart, would soften our enemy’s hearts and cause them to surrender their hearts to You.  Help all of us to see and feel our sin as You do.  Just as our hearts are broken, even to the point of tears when those we love sin against us; in the same way the sins of Your creation breaks Your heart also to the point of tears. Please do not regret Your creating us!  We, as sinners, deserve to be mistreated O Lord, but Thou art holy and do not deserve the way we treat You. Please forgive us and teach us Your ways, O God.  Righteousness belongs to You; please teach us Your righteous ways.  Reveal to us Your perspective for ours is so very small and limited, and short-sighted. Lord Jesus, I just want to surrender all judgment to You for only You are worthy to judge because only You can see and know all things from You omniscient perspective.

This is My Prayer for Today.  I Pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Brother Jim

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