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Life Is So Unfair!

Has life been unfair? Thank God! Thank the Father for allowing His one and only Son to be unfairly tried and punished for sins He never committed! Thank Him for unfairly showing you His mercy and grace and giving you the opportunity to be forgiven the penalty that you deserve! The most unfairly treated man to ever walk the earth was Jesus. Life doesn’t seem so “unfair” after all, or does it?


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Don’t Forget the Important Stuff!

The Sunday school lesson material on Submission to Authority missed the most important reason why we should submit: LOVE (duh). See Genesis 29 (Jacob’s love for Rebekah caused him to submit to her father for 14 years in order to have her hand in marriage.) The Sunday school lesson on Understanding God’s Word missed the most important point: unless Jesus (through the Holy Spirit) gives us the understanding, then we are doomed to miss the point and worse yet, to misinterpret His word and mislead others. Joseph Smith (founder of the mormon Church) couldn’t understand the traditional doctrines even though he had extensive teaching because He never believed in Jesus as His Lord and Savior. Therefore Jesus couldn’t remove his spiritual blindness and deafness to the spiritual understanding of the scriptures. That’s why he came up with his own bizarre explanations and even wrote his own bible (the Book of Mormon). See Luke 24:44-45. “Then he (Jesus) opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.” -Luke 24:45

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