Alcoholics Are Drunken Fools

Let’s be honest. For those of us that are sober, the drunk is a fool. If we know and love someone who has become an alcoholic, we need to love them enough to treat them as such and not accept them as anything less than a fool. Unless the drunk sees himself for the fool that he is, he will not see the need for change, because a fool seems wise in his own eyes. Do not let yourself succumb to the fool’s foolishness and don’t give ear to his so-called wisdom. Instead let the drunk see himself for what he has become and get him the help he so desperately needs when he finally comes to his senses. A drunk only feels normal when he is drunk, but his behavior is by no means normal. Whatever the underlying issues are for his behavior needs to be dealt with. Although these issues, however painful they might be, need to dealt with while he is sober and while being counseled by someone who loves him enough to love him with tough love. The alcoholic needs to become accountable to a person of strong character and sobriety needs to become his new normal of choice and learn to deal with life’s difficulties by making people his friends rather than drink.

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