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Who Is Your Intercessor?

Job sought an intercessor and regrettably his friends never interceded on his behalf.  Job stated in Job 9,  33 “If only there were a mediator between us, someone who could bring us together”.  He yearned for intercession, yet received nothing but accusations and judgement from his friends.  After a lengthy debate with his so-called friends, he finally receives intercession from his Maker.  God the Father intercedes for Himself (since He was misrepresented by both Job and his friends) as well as for Job.  God then encourages Job to be an intercessor for his friends since their judgemental attitude and false statements against God’s righteous servant earned them a punishment befitting their lack of compassion and misrepresentation of God.  Job is humbled and capitulates to intercede and receives a complete restoration of his former blessings.

When you’re faced with a seemingly impossible situation, do you have a friend who you can count on to intercede for you?  I do, and His name is Jesus!



Morning Peeps Rock. Night Owls Flock.

Have you ever noticed that most “morning people” are more introspective and reflective and get their energy from observing their surroundings, while “night owls” are more social and get their energy from being around others?

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