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The Lost Practice of Fasting

I fasted today for the first time in several months. If you have ever fasted, you probably know the value of it, especially when you have done it either for the first time or resume the practice after having not done so in a long time. It sure wakens a man’s spirit and makes one attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit in knowing His personal desires and His desires for me as well. I really appreciate Jesus a lot more today for having done so!


My heart’s desire is to know your presence more profoundly, more closely, more regularly. Please remind me of the value of fasting and nudge me by your Holy Spirit to do so more regularly!

In Jesus Name,


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Teacher By Design

Jan 11, 2011
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Kids of all ages love to have fun and that’s what I make it for all those who learn from me!  It is exciting to the beginner to first learn to make a sound on their instrument and it is even more fun to be able to make themselves sound good and be able to imitate the type of sounds that professionals can make.  I am a firm believer that if learning is not fun for the student, the student will not want to take lessons nor will he or she want to practice.  I am able to teach the essentials of fine musicianship, teaching the proper method and technique of playing, and make it fun to boot. 

I have been playing musical instruments for 45 years, first taking up the harmonica at age 4!  I have played several instruments ever since and I love to play and teach.  I am a professional musician who plays in front of audiences and has recorded in the studio.  I would love to teach you or your student and get him or her on the path of music enjoyment that will last a lifetime.

Please feel free to inquire any further about my qualifications and how you or your student can learn to play and/or learn to play better in the comfort of your home.

Jim Spiegle

Saxophone, Flute, and Trumpet Instructor

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