Immanuel = God With Us

Do we, as believers in Christ, take the meaning of Immanuel literally? Speaking for myself; if I did I would have a whole lot more faith than my actions, thoughts, and words often reveal.

When Jesus sent the disciples away to do His work of spreading the gospel: healing the sick, ministering to the needy and doing miracles in His name; Jesus knew His disciples were at a place where they trusted God would be with them wherever they went. Jesus gave them the “power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases”. -Luke 9:1 This authority He gave them was an authority of the ultimate kind and is not given to those who cannot be trusted with it.

We should beware those who claim to have such authority.  Are they giving glory to God or to themselves?  Do their lives exemplify persons who fully trust in Christ?  Are they walking with God in their personal lives?

The disciples had the greatest example of faith in the person of Jesus.  One whose very name means God With Us, Jesus always gave glory to His Father in heaven for the miracles that were done through Him. (see Luke 8:26-38)  Even Jesus knew who the authority and power belonged to and the One who decides who to share that authority and power with.

I must ask myself, can I be trusted with God’s power and authority?, and honestly admit that I cannot.  I must first believe that God is literally with me.  The meaning of His name is not just figuratively speaking, but it is a reality that I can count on.  I must trust that God is with me at all times and in all situations.  My actions, reactions, words and deeds must prove that He exists among us.

Please join me in the goal of proving with our lives that Immanuel = God with us!

In Christ,

Brother Jim

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