September Update

I decided to enroll in an evening college HVACR program at Redstone College in Broomfield, CO starting in August.  Combined with working a full-time day job this has been the most daunting and exhausting task in my life to this point.  Because of this I’ve been tested to re-think what Jesus meant when He said, “My burdens are easy and light”.  However, He also said, “In this life you will have tribulation”.  Well, tribulation doesn’t sound easy.  I think what Jesus meant was that when you are busy doing what you were called to do, i.e., taking on Jesus’ burdens, the work seems easy and light, and the tribulations that come about are bearable and can be handled with a cheery disposition knowing that His victory over the world has been shared with us.
God commends perseverance.  Fight the good fight.  Keep the faith.  Don’t take on any burdens that aren’t His.
In Christ,
Brother Jim
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