You Are Invited!

Our local church just replaced the sign on the corner.  Along with the name of the church and service times, it proclaims, "YOU ARE INVITED!"  Jesus makes this proclamation to the believer!  As a result of the work of Christ, through His death, burial, and resurrection, we are invited to go before the very throne of God!  Not only are we invited, but it is our privilege because we are the King’s kids!  There would hardly be a king, president, dictator, or national leader that would deny his children to approach him.  He would allow his children to petition him with requests of any kind and would not want to deny them any time they desired to spend with him.  Our heavenly Father not only exceeds our expectations for accessibility, but desires us to come to him with our requests and especially desires us to spend quality and quantity time with him in intimate conversation.
The scriptures, in the book of Esther, tells us a superb story that exemplifies this fact.  Queen Esther risked her life to approach her husband, the king of Persia and Media, without first being summoned or invited, even though she was made the queen, replacing the disrespectful Queen Vashti.  Those who do not know Jesus as their savior do not have the privilege of entering the throne room of God.  Only those who have received the invitation to become His children can.  We as believers can approach Him with confidence because we have been cleansed by the blood of The Lamb; we have been redeemed and adopted as His children.  Our heavenly King desires us to approach Him and is pleased to have the company of our presence, just as King Ahasuerus was pleased to see Queen Esther approach him, even going as far as offering to fulfill any petition or request she had, up to half the kingdom!
I don’t know about you, but the fact that God desires us to approach Him any time and as often as we desire changes my attitude towards prayer and seeking His assistance in any and all things.  We are the Bride of Christ and we have access to the very Creator of the Universe!  Is there anything too hard for our Father the King of all creation?  
Jesus invites you to take every opportunity to live, to actually live in the fullness of Him!
In Christ,
Brother Jim
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