Who Am I, Day 4 of 7

 Who Am I? (A Christian’s Inherited Traits, 16 through 20 of 35)
This is a continuation of a look at the attributes or "traits" of a Christian taken from Neil T. Anderson’s book, Victory Over the Darkness.
  • I am a son of God and one in Christ (Gal 3:26,28).
  • I am an heir of God since I am a son of God (Gal 4:6,7).
  • I am a saint (1 Cor. 1:2; Eph. 1:1; Phil. 1:1; Col. 1:2).
  • I am God’s workmanship – His handiwork – born anew in Christ to do His work (Eph. 2:10).
  • I am a fellow citizen with the rest of God’s family (Eph. 2:19).

Being Sunday, and being the day my wife will walk in her graduation ceremony of becoming a nurse, I will only have time for a few observations today.  Please take the time to look up the scriptures that are quoted for yourselves and see that these things are true for yourself!

The first two of today’s attributes are similar to traits nine and ten discussed two days ago.  The third trait shows how we are saints, not based on what we’ve done; we didn’t earn the title, we are given the title just because we believed in Him!  The fourth shows that we are a work in progress, preparing us to do His work.  The fifth shows where our new citizenship is; with all other believers we are citizens of His kingdom.  Remember, we are now the King’s kids; where else would we have citzenship in but in His kingdom?  We are no longer of this world, so we will begin to behave more and more like King’s kids as we mature in Christ.  People in this world will notice we are different, and that’s a good thing!

Please take some time today to fellowship with God’s Family and God’s Citizens!

In Christ,


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