Thinking About Evolution

As suggested by a fellow blogger (X-Evolutionist) I copied and pasted (and corrected for grammatical errors) my thoughts regarding her posting regarding a quote from Bill Gates which states:  “DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.” Bill Gates
Evolution, the anti-creationsist’s lie, is built on innumerable lies. The more lies an untruth is built upon, the bigger the lie, or untruth. It takes an immeasurable amount of faith to believe that creation happened by chance (coined "natural selection") than the amount of faith it takes to believe all creation was created by an all knowing (limitless in knowledge) creator God. Evolutionists justify their belief by innumerable explanations which are mere attempts to justify the belief in the lie. Design does not ever happen by chance, it takes intelligence. Most evolutionsts believe in the Big Bang theory, which is totally mind blowing. Since when has anything as destructive as an explosion ever created anything? An explosion is destructive. The faith in anything but creation is ultimately the faith in the destroyer and the father of lies, namely Satan, Lucifer, the deciever of the ages. Lies are viscious circles that entrap and enslave a person’s mind. Jesus has come to set the captive free. If one wants to truly be free thinking, he will allow him/her-self to be set free by the Father of the Universe. DNA is just one of many proofs that all things were intelligently created and designed by a free thinking, creative, and supremely intelligent Creator-God. It takes intelligence to determine what is error and what is not. If "natural selection" were a reality and followed the course of "trial and error" the universe would have been destroyed in its very beginnings by organism mistakes that would have diseased and poisoned anything that had potential for life. However an intelligent Creator builds in protections for any potential destructive side affects of the things He creates. For example, life could not exist without the light and energy of the sun, yet the sun’s power would destroy life if it were not for the protection from the sun’s harmful rays and energy that our atmosphere provides.
These are my "ponderings" as a result of my changed perspective post Jesus’ freeing and transforming power in my life.

May God Bless Everyone In Their Honest Pursuit of the Truth,


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