Lies & the Father of Lies

Most people lie to cover up their sin, even when they won’t admit that they even sinned.  We try to cover up being found out doing the thing that is unacceptable in our peers’ eyes, if not our own.  We need to repent and try not to do those things that tempt us to lie in the first place, but come clean and admit our shortcomings when we succumb to temptation instead of lying about it.  Satan, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in sin.  He claims to be God’s equal and therefore holy and without sin.  His lies are all about devising evil.  He especially loves to trip up Christians with his lies (temptations) and when he succeeds, he often times snares us again when we believe the lie that we can make it right by lying about it. 
Lord help us to know you well, to know your voice.  Help us to recognize Satan’s voice as well so we can have the opportunity to renounce him whenever he tempts us with his lies.  We desire to worship the Father of Truth and break all ties to the Father of Lies.  With You we can break all bonds that Satan would place on us!  Hallelujah!
In Jesus’ Holy Name,
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