They Walked With God


The scriptures tell us that “Enoch walked with God…” and God was so pleased with Enoch that “Enoch walked with God and was not, for the Lord took him”. The scriptures also tell us that “Noah walked with God”. This also pleased the Lord so much that the Lord spared him, his wife, his three sons and their wives and two of every kind of living creatures from the destruction of all flesh. God made Noah the new father of all mankind and a savior of all living creatures.

Men tend to be very selfish creatures. Oftentimes, when we do seek God, we seek Him for selfish reasons. We constantly present Him with petitions and requests that would ultimately, if we are honest, mostly benefit ourselves. How many times do we seek to walk with God, to go wherever He goes, and invite Him to be with us on the journey of life?

Though man was cast out of the Garden of Eden, he was not cast out of God’s presence. We are yet able to walk with God, just as Adam and Eve did, Enoch did, and Noah did and thereby please God.

Lord, may my epitaph say that I – Jim Spiegle – walked with God.

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